A Significant Company

At Strata-G, we believe that the path to significance begins with hiring the best people in our industry, working hard every day to earn our clients’ respect, and sharing our resources to make a difference in our community. We do more than just provide our clients with quality services from skilled professionals, we build lasting relationships while optimizing businesses for success.

Core Values

Our business is built on three core values: integrity, service, and quality. Each is an outgrowth of the one ideal that guides us: treat other people as you wish to be treated. Our organization continuously strives to improve as we aspire to deliver the highest standards of integrity, service, and quality.

Our Team

At Strata-G, our talented team demonstrates integrity, service, and quality in their work and use their talents to make a difference, both in the workplace and in the community. Extraordinary people striving to achieve meaningful goals create so much more!




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Erwin, TN

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Oak Ridge, US

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